Welcome to WoogoFBox

WoogoFbox is a Spark Ar Filters Box that has the purpose of bringing together the world's largest community of Spark AR(Augmented Reality) creators to discover, share,improve and build powerfull AR effects. From open source code to proprietary code projects, WoogoFbox aims to promote the access to a large variety of free AR effects for different domains such as education, gaming, programming , entertainment, etc.

Last effects available


Effect using USA Flag Made With Spark AR Studio

19/09/2019 Donwload

Effect using Burkina Faso Flag Made With Spark AR Studio

19/09/2019 Donwload

Produce different color light in your face ...

20/09/2019 Donwload

Effect using Golden State logo made with Spark AR From Facebook

20/09/2019 Donwload

effect Burkina Star made with Burkina Flag

20/09/2019 Donwload
Barcelona Paint

Paint your face with Barcelona logo

21/09/2019 Donwload
Psg paint

paint your face with Paris Saint Germain logo

21/09/2019 Donwload